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Mackkell Technologies LLC


 In today's communication's environment, agencies and enterprises must  take advantage of the move towards telecommunications convergence to  lower operational costs for their organizations as well as to take  advantage of the latest innovative applications available today.

Telecommunications convergence, network convergence or simply  convergence are broad terms used to describe emerging telecommunications  technologies, and network architecture used to migrate multiple  communications services into a single network. Specifically this  involves the converging of previously distinct media such as telephony  and data communications into common interfaces on single devices.

With a converged network, enterprises and agencies will be able to  implement convergence services, such as VoIP, IPTV, Mobile TV, etc. This  technology is replacing the old separate and costly voice and data  technologies.

Mackkell Technologies is well positioned to assist you with the  planning, financial modeling, design, implementation and operations of a  converged network (along with it's applications). Mackkell has the  right mix of business management and technical expertise to allow for a  successful implementation to the next level of converged infrastructure  effieciency. 



The staff of Mackkell Technologies excel in the following technical areas

- Outside Plant Engineering
- Test and Turn up of telecommuniations facilities
- Telecommunications transport network operational management
- Telecommunications transport network facility design
- Telecommunications facility site surveys and audits
- Optical Transport Engineering
- Fiber Optic facility design, construction, testing and maintenance
- TDM voice (circuit switched)
- Wireless Infrastructure Design
- Satellite Transmission
- RF Propagation

IT Systems Architecture
- Layer 2 and Layer 3 IT network architecture design
- Layer 2 and Layer 3 IT network implementation and maintenance
- Cloud Computing Architectural design
- Media/Video over IP network design
- SIP Trunking/VOIP infrastructure design and implementation
- Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
- Software Defined Networking - Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) design
- Unified Communications Systems Design

Business Development/Program Management
- RFP capture services
- Scope of Work (SOW) creation services
- Tech Writing/Editing/Proposal support